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Our vision

ION’s vision is to be a significant part of developing a world where neurodivergent individuals are spotlighted for positive things as opposed to negative and to help create a world where neurodivergent individuals feel accepted, represented, included, empowered and heard.

ION is creating a global Neurodiversity community where we are all accepted for who we are and where differences are embraced and celebrated.

Through coming together and forming a powerful coalition, neurodivergent individuals build a stronger voice and agency in the world.

Our values

Equality Kindness Honesty Courage Respect 

Our purpose

The Institute of Neurodiversity’s PURPOSE is to influence for an equal, inclusive world in which neurodivergent people are well understood, represented, and valued equally to all other people. 

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Collected: £1,688.00
Goal: £100,000.00

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